--Open hearts and throats alike with reckless abandon. Unaplogetically.--

About Us
We are a literary magazine run entirely by struggling artists for struggling artists. We provide a platform for unheard vocations, the bastardized children looking for a way home. Our magazine will run a limited amount of print copies for sale and after supplies run out, our magazine will be available online. We are here to provide a safe haven for the artists who didn't make it on the first try. We take great care in reviewing each submission recieved, and if we don't accept a sumbission, in the spirit of Bloodstone, we send back our review/possible suggestions. 
Samantha is a junior in highschool studyng creative writing, and plans to continue this study through college. She is very infatuated with the world around her and is excited to contribute to it. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of young artists, in the lovers of the world. She believes everything should be done with love in some respect. This translates into Samantha's writing and her will to explore the writing of others. She has a slight fixation on blood
Staff Writer
Alexa Downing is a ninth grade creative writing major in Denver and in the time between school and homework, she manages to dedicate an almost obscene amount of time to writing. Her interests are focused mainly in prose but, when coaxed, can shift to a more poetic persuasion. She greatly enjoys reading (current favorite: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt) and is an outspoken voice for equal rights around the world. She has been writing since the third grade and will definitely continue into the foreseeable future
Staff Writer
Alexandria Alexis Aragon a.k.a Queen of Procrastination resides in her tiny, warm room dreading the cold mornings to get ready for school. She has taken an intense interest in films, especially short films. She has short gray hair (recently dyed) and dark brown eyes. Her favorite movie so far is Interview With a Vampire (don't judge the content by the the title). She wants to major in psychology and minor in something that has to do with writing.
 At 17, Isaac is pretty sure he's more mature than most people his age. On bad days, he even thinks he's smarter. Are these signs of a God Complex? Probably. Is he going to find out if he has one? Probably not. He's much too busy appreciating ice crystals on pine trees and the way the stars look during winter to care about what a therapist thinks.
    When not admiring the beauty of the world, he's usually sat on his ass, researching everything from alien cover-ups to whether or not God has a wife. On good days, he'll write stories about his findings. On bad days, he'll force his family through long-winded explanations of why it's obvious that God has a wife (look up the name "Asherah"), or how it's completely plausible that aliens live in the Orion constellation (why else would the Giza Pyramids line up with the belt stars). Regardless of the topic, each lecture usually contains esoteric words such as "seraphim" and "event horizon". Isaac uses these to make himself sound intelligent; there's that God Complex again.
    As a writer, dancer, amateur painter and all around shitty musician, Isaac likes to consider himself a true artist with an eye for unique beauty. His tumblr is almost entirely pictures of the human body in various poses, wilted flowers, and cold looking landscapes. As one of the editors of Bloodstone Press, he hopes you find some inspiration here and can't wait to see what you come up with.
*inserts gold heart emoji and the kissy lips emoji because Isaac is also pretentious* 💛💋


Our Beginnings:

Bloodstone was born out of one too many rejection letters sent to student writers in a small school in Denver. This being said, we are still beginning! If Bloodstone Press is something you're into we accept guest editors and staff applications on a rolling basis. Just email us telling us what you'd like to do with us and we'll get you your application. We're excited to work with you!